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You can order an oil painting from a photo of any size and style and tourn your favorite image into museum quality art piece.

Amphitheatre (Drakensberg). Oil on canvas.

Oil on 91 x 61 cm canvas.

Alley in Brisbane. Oil on canvas.

Oil on 61 x 91 cm canvas.

Birch Alley. Igor Grabar

Reproduction of “Birch Alley” originally by artist Igor Grabar.

Autumn. Vilhelms Purvitis

Reproduction of ” Autumn” originally by artist Vilhelms Purvitis.

Jacaranda Street. Original copy

Original copy of “Jacaranda street” 126cm x 76cm

Feedback from the client.

Everybody coming into the surgery have & are totally flattered by the painting.
Many have asked to take pictures!!!
My husband said that people are really “raving” about the painting….

This picture drags you in…. you just want to start walking down the purple road.
Really If I knew the real effect of the painting, I would`ve asked you to make it even bigger!!!!
Its absolutely so satisfying to know I made the right choice.

Eversince I saw this painting I just knew THIS is what I want & where it should be & nothing else to fit the atmosphere in the surgery AND seeing it in real life- is much more beautiful than on the photos I`m sending you.

So, I hope you are happy too. You really have a talent.
I will check out your website now & then……
Perhaps for my new house I might find something to fit.

Keep well