Portraits on Order

Portrait from a photo in oil or watercolor.

Portrait (French for pose) is an image of a person or group of people that exist or existed in reality.

The Portrait is one of the main genres of painting, sculpture and graphics. An essential criterion of the Portrait Genre is its similarity with the model. It is not only the correct transmission of the external appearance but also the disclosure of the spiritual essence of the model personality, the dialectical unity of the individual and important traits that reflect a certain time, social environment and nationality. At the same time, it is influenced by the attitude of the artist, his own worldview and an aesthetic credo that finds expression in his creative manner. All of these components reflect the interpretation of a portrait.

The flexibility of the Portrait Genre allows combining multiple elements of other genres in a single piece. This is where the model is presented in a portrait painting in conjunction with surrounding things, nature, architecture, and people (collective portrait).

To order a portrait:

To order a portrait from a photo you have two options:

  • You can simply contact me by email Email: jacobsz.tanya@gmail.com and we can discuss your requirements and preference via email or telephone.


  • You can contact me by email to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements and preferences.

For a portrait assignment, I need a 30%-50% deposit upfront and the balance on collection of the completed work.

‘Fantastic job! I love the colors you choose since you began from a black and white photo. The bluish toned skin still looks realistic and makes her red lips really pop. Great design in her hair as well, and with the use of white, it helps it separate with the background a bit but not too much – especially with the white dots you incorporated in the background. The background is beautiful with all the colors and the playful messy look compliments the realism of the woman nicely and then the graphic element of the hair compliments the realism and abstract background well as too. Love it!”
Critique by AliciaMarieCreations Apr 12,2011. DeviantArt


Artistic portrait on order

An artistic portrait on order has always been considered chic, but it is a time-consuming process for posing to an artist. A portrait from a photo solves these problems.

The portrait from a high-quality photo has all the benefits of a painting from the Art Studio, but not its weaknesses. In particular, the artist is not distracted by changing facial expressions, postures and light settings, so the portrait is very similar, real and alive.

Portrait from a photo is a perfect gift and doesn’t require any effort from the beneficiary. The portrait may remain a secret to the last moment, not least for those, who love to make for their loved ones a pleasant surprise.


Story behind the canvas

Oil painting on canvas for sale by Tanya Jacobsz
Depicting a farm in the Cape, this painting features a beautiful landscape with a field, trees and a mountain. The Cape is home to many beautiful sights. This farm in the painting has a vineyard and being set in autumn, the painting has received the name 'Late Harvest'. The painting contains many aspects to look at. A field in the foreground and expanding mountains in the background. When we first look at the artwork, we see the bright Dutch farmhouses surrounded by nature featuring many different colours. Around we see an array of trees and shrubbery, with the vineyard and mountains that are softly touched by the setting sun rays. The vibrancy and combination of the colours can remind you of the season of autumn and the fresh taste of air it brings with it. The field on the front has two sides of rusted-gold and hazel, which brings a wonderful contrast of autumn colours. Clouds are seen almost covering the entire sky. They have a soft feeling to it and contribute to the hazy atmosphere of autumn that this painting has. This farm and the scenery around it, the farmhouses, the vineyard, nature, mountains ...
In Venice, with all its awe and magnificence, Santa Maria Della Salute makes its grand appearance. Beginning construction in 1631 and finishing in 1681, this basilica is nothing short of an architectural masterpiece. Dedicated to Saint Maria and built next to the Grand Canals, this place can attract anyone to come to view its beauty. Baldassare Longhena, the architect of Santa Maria Della Salute, designed the church in the baroque style of architecture. When first viewing the painting, we immediately take notice of the Santa Maria Della Salute. We view this church from the water as if we are sitting on one of the gondolas, traveling through the grand canals of Venice. In the foreground, we see two gondolas full of people passing by the canals and admiring the city with all of its beautiful buildings. In the background we have the church, attracting attention from all over with its architecture. Being built in the baroque style, this church contains many elements that make it so unique. Originating in Italy, the baroque style often contains complex planning, shapes, and details. Constructed with Istrian stone, the exterior contains two domes and is decorated ...
Oil Painting on canvas by Tanya Jacobsz
Entering the scenery of this artwork, we receive a pleasant view of a field, accompanied by a lone farmhouse in a continuous landscape. Somewhere away from the modern world, we are greeted by the green trees, as they are the first to catch our eyes. Following the trees, we find our way to a single farmhouse in the middle of the landscape. In the front, next to the house, we are drawn to the subject of the painting, the field with purple flowers, which expands further into the background, to the distant hills where the sun is setting, given the soft and gentle sky with clouds overseeing the evening field of flowers. All aspects taken together, we get presented with this gentle atmosphere in the artwork. The flowers make use of the impasto technique, which thickens and accentuates the flowers, to enhance the details and increase their vibrancy. Further on, we meet the farmhouse surrounded by a small forest of green trees, with a pathway leading to the house. This farmhouse is the only building within the vast expanse of fields and nature; this promotes the feeling of isolation, solitude, but also brings out ...
Recently, while looking for artwork, I came across the artist - Tanya Jacobsz. The art scene in South Africa has become quite dull, with only a few exceptions that come every so often, but the work of Tanya has brought a new wind to me. The imaginative scenery of her collection, its own world that it creates, delivers a fresh breeze that invokes your feelings. This has brought me to compose a review for two of her creations. An Enchanting Evening Alley Soft and gentle, this work of art portrays a road in a park, surrounded by an array of colours. Upon first glance, the viewer is greeted by the focus, a row of lanterns emitting a soft, shimmering glow in the twilight setting. Surrounding the lanterns are a multitude of shrubbery and other various vegetation. The plants feature a pleasant colour contrast between the green leaves and the red flowers growing out of them. The trees beside the road display autumn-like colours that further emit a contrast between the rest of the painting. The presence of autumn is evident, as the scene makes clear. The road is seen being covered by aged leaves ...
Watercolor Portrait by Tanya Jacobsz
When Madeline entered Greg Ricci’s studio, she found him reclining on the carpet in the same indifferent, relaxed pose she had left him in the morning, the upper body on the floor, legs in an armchair, a cigarette in his mouth with eyes half-closed. “At least five customers made an order to purchase this painting ...very, very respectable persons - a diplomat, a widow of a ship-owner, a restaurateur ...” She began. “Who of them will pay more?” He cut her off in a rather rude manner. “It will be known when the exhibition ends ... most likely tomorrow or the day after tomorrow...” “I can’t wait any longer, Madeline, I have lots of debts,” he shouted, jumping to his feet. “Lenders are simply strangling me, dammit, it’s unbearable,” he poured himself a whiskey and, after a couple of sips, laid flat on the floor again. She went down to him, kissed him trying to calm him: “Greg, dear, there is very little time left ... be patient!” He embraced her without uttering a word and there was a long silence, only their thoughts led the dialogue, only their feelings... What could he tell her? He is Greg ...