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Painting is a unique art form. Works of Art fill the world with their charm and satisfy our aesthetic sense, instantly and forever conquers the soul, even after one visit to an art exhibition.
An art piece, painted by a talented artist, moves into the magical world of harmony, colour and light with its mesmeric qualities.
Today, many like to buy paintings of masters in art galleries and bring harmony and beauty into their homes.
The name of the master is not the most valuable thing in a painting; its main advantage is the ability to uplift the mood and give positive emotions. A painting is not just for decoration, it is a work that can please the human soul with conciliation. Good mood and positive emotions fill the soul while contemplating the art piece.

I working in different types of painting techniques:

I also take orders for portraits and other subjects like landscapes, decorative art, city scenes and other.

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Story behind the Canvas


(the story behind the portrait by Eva Yablokova)   When Madeline entered Greg Ricci’s studio, she found him reclining on the carpet in the same indifferent, relaxed pose she had left him in the morning, the upper body on the floor, legs in an armchair, a cigarette in his mouth with eyes ...